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Lending Support With The Help of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Cartridge

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About Brandbassador

Brandbassador is the ultimate ambassador marketing management tool for fast-growing eCommerce brands, created by the founders of Onepiece after they experienced their own success with ambassador marketing.

Founded in 2016, Brandbassador has come a long way and has now 8 different offices with 70 employees and is now of the leading marketing tool providers in the country.


Computer Software


Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Build and Implement


Project Challenges

If The Challenge Exists So Must The Solution

Cartridge Development - The management wanted to create Campaigns, Promotions and Coupons that verified brand ambassadors could share

Implemented Functionalities with SFCC - The team already had SFCC set up and required further assistance in implementing their internal functionalities on the same

Lack of Interrelation in Promotional Activities - The company was using multiple Ecommerce platforms such as Magento, SFCC, and Shopify. There were numerous promotional activities that were taking place which needed be to be interrelated.

Project Solutions

When Business Meets Technology

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Link Cartridge
  • Develop Commerce Cloud Cartridge: As Commerce Cloud was already set up in their organizations, we focused on creating a Commerce Cloud Cartridge. To ensure that there is interrelation between promotional activities, a job was created.
  • Create Campaigns and Promotion Easily: To ensure the interrelation, ‘Configurations’ were provided as well as ’End Points’ to execute them effectively. Brandbassador were now able to initiate their campaigns and promotions in a much more aligned way. Coupons could also be created.
  • Customization: To implement their internal requirements, SFCC was customized and aligned.

Project Results

Experience You Need. Results You Want.


Better creation of Promotions, Campaigns and Coupons systems


Increase in overall efficiency


Increase Efficiency In The Development of Cartridges

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